Our wines

Follower of wines of character produced by Jacquère, Altesse and Mondeuse grapes, Domaine Dupraz harvested and vinify wines said natural and organic. The main frame is to not add sugar nor add anything external. To complete this policy adopted since its creation, Domaine Dupraz invest in leading-edge equipment which respect the environmental friendly commitment.

Le Moulin

Aperitif wine of Savoie, it goes very well with charcuterie or cheese platter but also tapas.
Try it with cheese specialities you will be enchanted !
Serve this Apremont at a temperature included between 12 and 16°C
This wine can be kept for 8 years.
Natural wine from Jacquère grapes.

Le Moulin
Les Terres Blanches

Les Terres Blanches

A well built wine of Savoie with a balanced structure which goes in harmony with white meat and cheese.
Regarding how young is this Apremont, it must be decant to exalt its originality. It must be served at a temperature included between 11 and 13°C
It comes from Jacquère grapes harvest by hand at an advanced maturity. Long fermentation without added yeast.


Natural red wine distinctive for its aromas of red berries. Powerful and flattering, it perfectly goes with red meat and fish.
Put in a carafe 1h before drinking. Temperature 18°C.
You can keep it up to 10 years.
Natural wine made of Mondeuse grape with a high developing potential. Do not hesitate to keep it 4 years.

Plantée des Comtes

Plantée des Comtes - Altesse

This Roussette of Savoie will perfectly accompany all your dishes and more particulary aspargus.
Must be served between 10 and 13°C
Vinified for 12 months before bottling.
This wine has the ability to improve with aging after 5 years
Harvested by hand.